Quality Assurance

Earth Nature Biotech is able to manufacture products in an infinite variety of colors, fragrances and concepts produced with total mastery and absolute confidentiality. Our team expertly offers full command of the development and manufacturing process and has a thorough understanding of the markets we serve to help our customers seize opportunities, build brands and, most importantly grow their business. Allow us the opportunity to show you how our unique and highly-regarded qualities have positioned us as a leading manufacturer of fine perfumery manufacturer and some of the best-quality private label beauty products available.

Earth Nature Biotech is a fully licensed contract manufacturer with the following membership and certificates to ensure we provide the best service and products to our global clients:
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
We are certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) factory, in accordance with stringent standards and guidelines set by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. All products manufactured meet the quality standards in all aspects of production from the facility, manufacturing process, the equipments and the personnel involved.
Approved By Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)
All brands are registered and approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to ensure that the ingredients, formulation and manufacturing process meet the pharmaceutical standards for safety, quality and effectiveness. In addition, the MOH regularly inspects the manufacturing facilities to ensure full compliance of the quality and safety standards throughout the manufacturing process and monitor and test products on the shelves to ensure that quality, safety and effectiveness of the products are maintained.
Not Tested On Animals
All Earth Nature Biotech manufactured products are not tested on animals. We do not test our products on animals in any shape or form. All of our products are made using ingredients which have been used for years and are regarded as safe.

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