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Earth Nature Biotech is a leading, innovative full-service, private label and contract manufacturer capable of managing every aspect of your beauty project, from product design and development to shipping. We have built a solid reputation for providing fine perfumery, organic, natural skincare, beauty care, personal care, sensual care and private label products globally. As one of the leading perfumery and skin care products developer in ASIA, our customer relationships have been carefully built to ensure that your new beauty care product, or all-natural and organic beauty products, are developed as quickly as possible, eliminating delays and ensuring a smooth flow of critical information.

Earth Nature Biotech is both aesthetically and technically equipped to fully meet all of your needs so you do not have to work with multiple suppliers. We have years of experience backing up our ability to fully understand every aspect of the global beauty market, from the sensory and aesthetic down to the scientific and economic aspects.

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