Green Focus

Earth Nature Biotech is wholly committed to environmental stewardship. We use extensive recycling and green techniques in our manufacturing and product development, aiming to minimize our carbon footprint and impact upon the planet.

Our customers include leading producers of environmentally friendly products. Earth Nature Biotech’s laboratory staff are skilled and experienced in the manufacture of natural, organic and environmentally friendly products.

At Earth Nature Biotech, we manufacture our customers' personal care products responsibly, and we also collaborate to develop the environmental policies of your organization:

MANUFACTURING COMMITMENTS: Today's consumers pay special attention not only to the ingredients used, but the way products are manufactured. Earth Nature Biotech aims to assist our customers in meeting those consumer demands.

For example, a minimum of 25% of the electricity used at Earth Nature Biotech is derived from renewable resources. We recycle all types of packaging and materials, from boxes to drums to paper. And our waste disposal methods comply with the highest applicable government standards.

ASSSISTANCE: Earth Nature Biotech provides assistance to you with component sourcing. We help you to determine if your packaging is recyclable, and provide expertise how to update your packaging to maximize recyclability. In addition, we engage in intelligent sourcing of raw materials and components to eliminate unnecessary movement of materials, reducing the impact on the environment and also helping control your costs.

PRODUCT FORMULATION AND DEVELOPMENT: We develop cutting edge cosmetic formulations that meet the highest natural and organic standards. Any need you have for a low-environmental impact product can be created within our laboratory.

For example, our laboratory staff is well versed in developing high performance sulfate-free and paraben-free products. Among many other capabilities, we produce formulations that are MEA, DEA, and TEA free, as well as products that are free of formaldehyde preservatives. Our laboratory staff will work with you to meet your market needs. This includes not only current consumer perception, but compliance with standards and regulations for all products. We work and help you work with national and international standards and regulations, such as in the European Union and Japan. In the rapidly changing world of green consumer demand and regulation, we offer you the advantage of our expertise and experience.

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